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30 November 2011 @ 02:22 am
Check-in #1  
  Hello all!  Welcome to your first check in!   

Once again, this is not required. Don't feel bad if you haven't managed to finish much, or if you haven't even started! After all, rough drafts aren't due for a while still. The main reason we're doing this check in is to see how on schedule we are and to remind you all that you're participating! :)

Anyways! To check in, fill out the form below and leave it in this thread as a comment. 

Current Word Count:
Rough Summary:
What's Going Well So Far:
What's Not Going So Well:
Favorite Line(s): 

Quick reminder: Look for the post we'll be making about artist claims and summary submissions in the next week or so. Remember: artist claims go up December 15th
tresbellemichellemichellemabelle on November 30th, 2011 07:46 pm (UTC)
Username: wishof_wings
Current Word Count: ~5k
Genre: Romance/Humor/Angst
Rough Summary: The first time they meet, Chris is dripping in alcohol and Darren is slurring apologies. It's only the first of many accidental encounters that lead into a friendship that neither of them were prepared for. College AU.
What's Going Well So Far: The actual writing. Once I get the inspiration, I don't have an issue writing. I'm actually enjoying it (and hoping I do Chris and Darren justice, but...)
What's Not Going So Well: I know where I'm going with the plot, in the long run, but it's getting there that seems to be giving me issues. That and keeping my tense consistent, but I do go back every so often to check it. And a beta... At one point I would like one of those. Please. I'm new to this so I don't really know how to go about getting one....?
Favorite Line(s):
+ “Oh dude. I totally owe you a shirt. You want mine? You can totally have mine.” And the next thing Chris knows he’s being handed a shirt by the very drunk (and now shirtless) mop of curls in front of him, who apparently hears something and starts walking off in a random direction without another word.
+ “My normal protocol is to cover any damage before I can be reminded of it. So. I’m sorry, my babysitter was busy that night, someone forgot to leash me to my bed again, and no, I don’t usually do that, but there’s a first time for everything. And sometimes a second or an eighth, but whose counting?”
+ He wonders if they’ll ever say hello to each other like normal people, or if they’ll always start conversations like they’re in the middle already.
+ They hadn’t talked about anything heavier than when Brock had left Pokemon and now was certainly not the time to start.
+ Especially since Darren recorded his own ringtone, singing about how Chris has to answer the fucking phone or else in far too pleasant a tone.