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30 November 2011 @ 02:22 am
Check-in #1  
  Hello all!  Welcome to your first check in!   

Once again, this is not required. Don't feel bad if you haven't managed to finish much, or if you haven't even started! After all, rough drafts aren't due for a while still. The main reason we're doing this check in is to see how on schedule we are and to remind you all that you're participating! :)

Anyways! To check in, fill out the form below and leave it in this thread as a comment. 

Current Word Count:
Rough Summary:
What's Going Well So Far:
What's Not Going So Well:
Favorite Line(s): 

Quick reminder: Look for the post we'll be making about artist claims and summary submissions in the next week or so. Remember: artist claims go up December 15th
hellonikhellonik on December 1st, 2011 02:11 am (UTC)
Username: hellonik
Current Word Count: little more than 1k
Genre: romance, humor, bit of angst, existential nonsense
Rough Summary: Darren has issues and doesn't know what to do about them. So he drags Chris along with him while he tries to figure himself out. basically.
What's Going Well So Far: i haven't really started writing it beyond a few snippets here and there - so nothing, yet?
What's Not Going So Well: ^^^
Favorite Line(s): uh - i don't think i'd be able to choose a favorite line even if i had more written. i feel like the moment i choose one i'll want to scrap it and change it because then i'll think it's awful. i go through phases of hating everything i've written so. hahah :3