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15 December 2011 @ 01:04 am
artist claims  
Welcome to artist claims!

Underneath the cut is the list of summaries for the artist to choose from. After you've made your top two choices, please comment in this post with the information below. When making choices, please put the number of the summary in question and not the title of the story. Claims will be open until every story is claimed - authors are allowed to claim another story after all authors have claimed at least one story. Comments are disabled until 5:10 pm CT, which you can check against your own timezone


Title: On a Fence in the Woods (may be subject to change)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Somewhere along the line, someone decided Chris Colfer and Darren Criss should be dating. For cameras or publicity or to prove a point and stand on a soap box, Chris has no idea, and against his better judgement, he goes with it, telling himself that it's all just an act. But Darren is more insistent than Chris expects, and it's getting easier and easier to fall in love.


Title: Untitled
Rating: R
Summary: Darren's having an existential crisis and drags Chris along with him while he tries to figure himself out. A roadtrip of sorts happens, incidentally. Vaguely inspired by Richard Siken's You are Jeff, though mostly inspired by the fact that Darrennever sleeps and never stops and that has got to be emotionally and physically exhausting. Also oblivious-to-his-own-feelings!Darren, which is apparently the only way I can write him at this point.


Title: Presently Untitled
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU wherein Blaine and Kurt are the same age, and thus Chris and Darren left Glee at the same time and are now living happily together. But when Darren's family comes calling, can Chris keep up with the new blast of culture that comes with Darren's native Filipino relatives?


Title: Dancing Under The Spotlight
Rating: M/NC17
Summary: When Chris lands the lead role in a local theatre company's performance of Dirty Dancing he doesn't anticipate the drama that goes along with it: The female lead who gets on everyone's nerves, the past which comes back to haunt him and an eventful trip into the closet with the director (makes for a quick learning curve in the industry?). Shame Chris's girlfriend doesn't approve.


Title: Untitled for now.
Rating: Currently M. May shift to NC-17 if a sex scene happens although at the moment it's just an M.
Summary: It's twelve years on and Darren only recognises Chris from his voice. He becomes distracted, enamored, intrigued, because Chris isn't how he remembered. Once so vibrant and witty, he's wilted into a broken shell of a young man. And Darren can't just leave him be, attempting to weasel his way into Chris' life and heal him in whatever way that he can. What he didn't realise it that although Chris is in desperate need of someone, Darren needed the hand of a friend just as badly.


Title: untitled college!au
Rating: R with eventual NC-17
Summary: Chris just wants to get through his first semester at UCLA in peace. The fall musical, weekend cast parties, and an insufferable lead junior named Darren are making this goal difficult. How come Chris and Darren click like everyone around them says they should. Seems like first impressions aren't easy to change.


Title: Untitled, as of now
Rating: R
Summary: AU. Chris is an undergraduate university student who finds himself in a class taught by graduate student Darren. Chris soon realizes that he wants their relationship to be more than just professional.


Title: If My Heart Was A Compass, You'd Be North
Rating: M
Summary: Chris is a college freshman looking for his footing in the world and Darren is someone who seems to have all the answers. Through a series of accidents, the two quickly become friends and while Darren teaches Chris to be comfortable with who he is, Chris causes Darren to question everything he was ever sure about. As they balance the careful line between friends and something more, what will be the final thing that pushes them in either direction?


Title: Untitled
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Darren is upset about a secret from his past, and he's worried about how his friendships will fare if it comes out. Chris knows something's up, and he won't give up until he figures out what's wrong and what he can do to fix it.


Title: The Things That Cost You Too Much
Rating: NC-17
Summary: They say you never forget your first love, and this is true. They also say second chances don't come cheap, and this is sometimes more true than we'd like to admit.


Title: Untitled
Rating: ?
Summary: Chris retires after his sex tape hits the web. Then Darren shows up again and proceeds to make Chris' life as bizarre as humanly possible.


Title: Untitled
Rating: ?
Summary: In this world, everyone is born with the date that they'll meet their soul-mate etched on their wrist in red. Upon meeting their soul-mate, this date changes to the day that they will die and it is etched in black. When Chris and Darren meet for the first time and shake hands, both of their dates change. With Darren thinking his soul-mate was a female, the road to falling in love is a long one. It isn't until Chris and Darren are intimate for the first time that they realize just how far apart the dates on their wrists are, and how little time they have together.


Title: Untitled
Rating: ?
Summary: Where Chris finds himself in the role of The Experiment and Darren has feelings about everything. Also: Alcohol.

Please copy and paste the information below in a comment in order to claim your fic.

Choice One:
Choice Two:

missduckiedearmissduckiedear on December 31st, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
username: missduckiedear

Choice One: 10
Choice Two: 7
realitydestroysyouunwritten25 on December 31st, 2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
10 is yours, dear. Thanks so much for taking it on!